In discussing a variety of urban problems, particularly environmental problems that feels increasingly complex, complicated, and urgent to be resolved. All components need to continually seek to address the increasingly complex urban problems are. It is hoped the various parties, including government, community, business and experts to deliver fresh ideas that can be employed to resolve urban problems ranging from unemployment, poverty, pollution, garbage and others in Indonesia, particularly in addressing the environmental pollution caused by waste .

Overcoming such a complicated urban problems must still be viewed with optimism. Currently we are already aware that the choice of urban development that are less precise and not measurable from the environmentally friendly aspects. The existence of the concept of sustainable development, should Indonesia do not have to follow the pattern of developed countries. Even if not the first, Indonesia can apply the concept of sustainable urban development in intelligent, holistic, innovative and participatory.

Area of ​​urban waste problems caused by several interrelated parameters, namely population growth, economic growth, welfare, consumption patterns, security patterns and behavior of the population, the activity of city functions, density of population and buildings, as well as the complexity of transportation problems. All mentioned parameters are mutually interacting, giving rise to environmental pollution is very significant.

Structuring Management System.

In order policies, mainstreaming of sustainable development needs to be done in any development efforts such as natural resource exploitation and utilization of space-based ecological, massive campaigns on energy saving and renewable energy alternatives, and to encourage the establishment of infrastructure in urban environment, such as the sewerage system and landfill-based communal (by making use of waste as raw material production of advanced, such as organic fertilizer made from municipal solid waste).

While the level of implementation, the strategy taken is the development of settlement systems, both in the corridors of law enforcement and human rights and persuasive manner inclusive (incentive mechanism). Compliance with environmental norms in the framework of the rule of law to be comprehensive, with a consistent run UU.No.18 / 2008 on Waste Management which is based on the principles of the 3Rs (reduce-reuse-recycle), a simple guideline to assist communities in minimizing waste and implementation UU.No.32/2009 About Protection and Environmental Management, increased utilization of personnel (investigators), infrastructure and environmental enforcement law enforcement network development environment that works in synergy, get rid of ego sectoral especially in the handling of this waste, as well as on the district / city neighborhood can implement an integrated management of regional (interregional cooperation). Need more serious efforts and environmentally sound community-based.

Demands of life in urban areas has led to a fast-paced lifestyle and demanding the use of modern facilities such as electrical equipment and electronics as well as increased energy consumption that turned out to have a serious negative impact for the life of mankind. Efforts to realize clean land, clean water and clean water in urban areas needs to be done, because of poor environmental quality has led to serious consequences for human life.

Waste Handling Solutions in Urban.

1. Full socialization to the community will change the paradigm of governance garbage, if garbage from upstream (home / market), this is the most complicated among the barrage of garbage processing. The community must get used to sort their garbage. In addition to health problems is also very necessary to touch the spiritual and economic waste in addressing this problem.

2. The government should give subsidy to the public procurement case colored crackle trash bag (Yellow for inorganic, organic and green waste to the Red for toxic waste), or a minimum of 2 colors: Green and yellow and is organized into local regulations regarding the use of this system as well as sanctions weight if not implemented, instead of raising garbage fees.

3. Soon the government revised the regulations concerning waste management. As per our research in several districts / cities in Indonesia, almost no regulations concerning the waste refers to waste legislation and environmental management pro-people.

4. The government should involve the community in waste management (Communal Base in TPS with the pattern of core-Plasma), for example in the production of compost / organic-based waste. Waste management system with the enforcement of the function of TPS. This system involves the government, public and private, to establish waste treatment plant environmentally friendly city (IPSK-BL).

5. The government should immediately change the physical place of polling stations in each village / village, originally just a temporary shelter into a IPSK-NW formed associations and waste management which includes such elements. All this will run sustainable, because of the synergy in managing waste. Society will gain insight into the environment against global warming mitigation, creation of environmentally District / City are clean, also the creation of new jobs or new businesses in waste management.

Problems of environmental pollution caused mainly human behavior that does not manage waste and trash from its activities properly. Therefore, the movement of waste and convert waste into objects that can still be beneficial to humans and the environment is a noble task and appropriately valued as other community activities. Glorifying the work associated with the remaining items would be followed by a fair appreciation of persons involved in these activities.

Changes people’s behavior in keeping trash and waste generated really should start with an example and action. Control of waste movements must start from the centers of community activity areas such as education, offices, markets, and settlement. Everything will work properly only if government policies really geared for good public service and justice.

Let us united in tackling the city’s garbage problem. Stop Global Warming!